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Happy November! This fall season has been so strange here in Oklahoma. In the last couple of weeks everyday temperatures have ranged from 80 degrees to 40 degrees. It makes it difficult when trying to figure out what to wear! Something I have been wearing on repeat recently is my trench coat! I have had mine for years, and it is a staple in my wardrobe. It is classy, adds leaps and bounds to any outfit, and is trendy. I seriously consider it the queen of all coats! Trench coats can be kind of elusive in having an exact time or season for wear, and I feel that many people don’t purchase them for this reason! I’ll share below some of my tips and tricks I have found on how to rock this awesome coat. Just want to see the video? Scroll to the bottom!

When should you wear a trench coat?

Honestly, it depends. I know….lame answer! But it really does depend on where you live, how quickly it gets cold and what your personal preferences are. My trench coat is always a part of my fall and spring wardrobes. I currently live in Oklahoma, and because it doesn’t get cold here very quickly I have only recently started wearing my trench coat more often…in November! For the north states that might not be feasible depending on the thickness of the coat. When we lived in Idaho I found that I would wear it more late summer/early fall before the snow and frigid cold days kicked in! (I am so grateful we don’t live there anymore…)

But hey! You do you. Depending on the temperature and the thickness of your trench coat, you can wear it during any season really! Mine is a little more heavy and suited for cooler weather. You can also layer with sweaters which extends the wear time of this coat a bit.

How do I wear a trench coat?

However you want! Some of my favorite ways to wear a trench coat are to layer it with sweaters or my favorite Double Hood Sweatshirt from Mindy Mae’s Market! To dress down a trench coat you can wear it with sneakers and jeans, and dress it up by adding a skirt and some heels! You can tie the belt in the front or back, or leave it hanging down-I normally do! You could also wear it over your shoulders for a different look.

Check out how I like to wear mine in the video below!

Have a great weekend!

xo, Adri


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