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Happy Saturday! Here’s another cute hairstyle for you to try out over the weekend! A simple half up crown braid! I love half up styles. Can you tell??? This one is great because it is so simple, yet looks complicated and fancy. It definitely dresses up any occasion, and is perfect for weekend wear! I have a secret to completing this crown braid though……

Good Bobby PINS!!!!!

Not all bobby pins are created equal! I have been using the ones from Walmart and Target for like ever and always wondered why it would never hold a style for me. I always thought that it was just because I have a ton of hair! (The grass is always greener on the other side you guys…) But I recently got these Meta Grip Premium Bob Pins from Sally’s Beauty Supply and I love them! They were decently priced too!

These bobby pins keep my crown braid hairstyle up and feeling tight against my head all day. Win!

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xo, Adri

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