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Hey lovelies! It has been SO long. Too long! I will do a life update soon, so much has happened…

But I’m back, and will be busting out some more hairstyles for you. Todays hair tutorial is the Easy Boho Half Up Braid!

As I’ve been thinking about the hair tutorials I watch, and the ones I want to put out, I realized something.

A lot of women just don’t have the time or patience for these crazy extravagant hair styles that take a million hours to learn and do. At least I know I don’t, unless I’m learning them just for fun.

But I also know that many women want something a tad more “extra” (did I use that right?) than always wearing a top knot. (And if you’re someone who does like these long and complicated tutorials, great! There’s nothing wrong with that.)

Easy Boho Half-up Braid

So, for those crazy mornings shuttling the kiddos around, or when you find you woke up late and look like a troll, I have decided to create what I like to call “Lazy Day Hairstyles!”

These are styles that can take 5 minutes or less. They are simple. They are easy. And they are CUTE! You may need some basic braiding knowledge, but don’t worry, I wont leave you hanging. 

Here is the first “Lazy Day Hairstyle”: An EASY Boho Half Up Braid.

For this hairstyle, you will need a little back knowledge on how to dutch braid. But don’t worry about perfection! I find some of the most beautiful things in life are not perfect.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel  to be notified when I post a new tutorial!

xo, adri

*** If you are looking for another easy half-up hairstyle, check this one out!

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