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So New Year resolutions are coming up, and I am sitting here reflecting on all my current goals…. and how I failed at all my 2017 goals. ALL OF THEM! But instead of sitting here and feeling sorry for myself I’ve learned a few things about goal setting and figured I’d record them to remember for 2018. If you find yourself in the same boat, a failure of ALL your goals, then just keep on scrolling… Also, I’m really missing “warmer” weather and the beach so I figured I’d throw these pictures and outfit deets in.

I failed at all my 2017 goals, but here’s what I learned…

1. I made too many goals

At the beginning of the year Garrett and I were all about goal setting. We wrote down what we wanted to accomplish, Gare made these huge sheets of papers where we could mark our goals down daily, and we started out like rock stars.

We each had 4 personal goals, and 6 couple goals. Fast forward to May, when we went on our month long adventure around Europe (you can see this post on how we packed for one month), and where our goals tanked. Toward October I realized that we had made way too many goals to be able to keep all of them which is why we floundered!

For my 2018 goals I am going to work on 3 solid goals. 3 goals that I can focus all my efforts on and not be easily distracted or spread too thin.

2. Planning ahead helps

When you don’t plan something, it is very hard to accomplish it. We went to Europe in the middle of the year, and that is when all our goals fell apart. I wish we would’ve planned ahead to be able to accomplish our goals while we were gone.

Every morning I write down my goals for the day to help me be able to achieve them. I list them in the order of most important to least, and then work on them one by one. The same could go for working on our yearly goals!

This new year I want to review my goals weekly (maybe even daily) so that they are always fresh on my mind.

3. Having a way to track your goal keeps you on track!

Back to those calendars Garrett made, they were AMAZING with keeping us motivated especially at first. I highly recommend getting one! Make sure you keep your tracking sheet somewhere in sight though so you have a constant reminder about your goals every time you walk past it.

If you need a good one, check out this goal tracking sheet from A Day For Design.

4. Within your goals, create milestones

Once you have a larger realistic goal, make sure to figure out each step of how you are going to reach it.  These steps become your milestones. It can also be helpful to set due dates for each milestone to make sure you stay on track, plus you can reward yourself at each small achievement, which is a win.

If you’re like me and failed all your 2017 resolutions, I hope this post will help you make more effective goals for the New Year!

What are your 2018 New Year Resolutions?

xo, Adri

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