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Hey everyone! So a couple of posts back I talked about fall fashion trends and where to find them. I mention some of my favorite online boutiques, so go check it out if you want to! No pressure…. One of the fall fashion trends I am particularly excited about, and have seen quite a bit already, is GOLD! Who else loves gold and sparkle as much as I do? I’m not one to sport a super flashy gold or sparkly outfit, but I do love gold accessories and detailing.

Foil Crepe T-shirt// Black Jeggings//Rainbow Flip Flops//Denim Jacket similar here

This last week I was at Target (a weekly occurrence), and saw that they had introduced a new clothing line to their women’s section called A.N.D. (A New Day). They style seriously sings to my soul! And their fall 2017 fashion line is superb. I wanted to buy everything!!! One top really caught my attention, so I snatched it up like a hot biscuit on a cold morning!

Anyway, this Foil Crepe T-shirt is anything but a normal T-shirt! It has the cutest gold detailing and fit, making it easy to dress up or down! It is definitely staying in my closet for this fall. I have linked some other A.N.D. items that I loved so check them out in the widget above! (The pink sweater with ruffles is SO cute!)

Also my Rainbow Flirty Braided Flip Flops (a classic California shoe) have been heaven for my feet! Because I work from home more now I needed a shoe that I could easily slip on and had good arch support so I didn’t have so much arch pain! I looked into Birkenstock’s, but although they look so cute on some people, I think they look like troll shoes on me! Haha.

What are your favorite fall fashion trends? Let me know in the comments below!

Love you all!

xo, Adri


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this top is so cute girl <3


Right? I love it because it is simple and classy. Thanks for your comment! 🙂


Love the top! So cute!

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Thank you so much Katya!

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