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G and I wanted to make a fun treat for Halloween this year. He has been wanting a caramel apple, but I don’t like how hard and messy they are to eat. After some Pinteresting we found a website of cute caramel apple slices. (check it out: Caramel Apple Slices )


-Granny Smith apples

– Sucker sticks from Hobby Lobby

-1 bag of caramels (we like it easy over here…:)

-Wax paper

1 vanilla almond bark

-1 milk chocolate almond bark (I suspect the dark chocolate would be yummy too!)

-Halloween sprinkles


Caramel Apple Wedges


First, we melted the chocolates and caramel according to the package instructions. (How do you say it? CARA-mel, or CAR-mel? There’s a big debate going on over here. haha) Then, we last minute decided to cut the apples into wedges because we thought it might be easier than cutting and skewering thick slices. We were also worried about eating the seeds in the middle of the sliced apples.

After we cut all of our wedges, we took a paper towel and dried as much of the liquid off as we could before dipping. After a few major fails, a ton of laughing, and a quick call to mom, we were able to figure out the do’s and dont’s of this treat.

DONT dip your apples in the caramel…it will just slide right off as it is setting. I have not found a secret way to keep it on, so if you are in the know, enlighten me please!

DO dip your apples in the white or milk chocolate first. Once the chocolate has set you could possibly dip them into the caramel. I don’t know. G and I just drizzled some on the slices.

DO eat soon after making. The juices of the apple slices drip out after a bit of refrigeration time,  we left ours in for about 4 hours.  I recommend eating these the same day they are made, preferably within a couple of hours after making. This may be a reason why normal caramel apples may be superior. 🙂

These fun wedges were super tasty regardless of how goofy some of the apples turned out (that may be due to our lack of skill haha). I’d like to tell you that these were easy to do, but G and I had to overcome a learning curve (darn the caramel!). I’m just being real with you guys…

I do think it is a cute idea for an apple dipping bar next time you have a party though! If you try it let me know how it goes!

Have a spooktacular Halloween!


Caramel Apple Wedges


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