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Have you ever seen the TV show Fixer Upper on HGTV? If you haven’t, you are seriously missing out and need to go watch it RIGHT NOW! If you have watched the show, and are anything like me you think, “Man! I LOVE Joanna Gaines style…I wish she would come decorate my house AND dress me too!” Being as obsessed with her clothing style as I am, I did some research and wanted to give you a guide to Joanna Gaines wardrobe.

 7 steps to JoJo’s wardrobe

1. SIMPLICITY will never go out of style.

Joanna Gaines lives anything but a simple life, but I appreciate her view on keeping the things that matter most in view, and everything else stays simple. If you haven’t read their book “A Magnolia Story” you need to. I wrote a review about it if you want to check it out.

Her wardrobe is one thing that I’ve noticed she keeps pretty simple. She has a neutral wardrobe palette with simple pieces as staples. It seems Joanna likes mixing textures and color  over wearing a ton of bright bold patterns. She basically has a capsule wardrobe because everything goes together and her items of clothing can be interchanged.

2. Add a POP OF COLOR to a neutral wardrobe.

A guide to Joanna Gaines wardrobe(Joanna Gaines via HGTV)

Like I said, she has a simple base wardrobe to which she adds a pop of color using accessories like scarves and jackets. Occasionally you will see her in a bright colored dress or a pattern, but she tends to play those down with basic pieces like a jean jacket.


3. Own a good pair of BOOTS or WEDGES.

A guide to Joanna Gaines wardrobe(Photo from

One thing Joanna wears most frequently is a good pair of boots or wedges. Add wedges or boots to any casual outfit to get the casual but put together look she has perfected.

4. LAYER your clothing.

Add a cardigan or jacket of some sort to a plain Tee to dress it up! Joanna frequents this tan leather jacket to play up a casual outfit….I LOVE IT!


5. Denim on Denim is OK.

A guide to Joanna Gaines wardrobe(Photo from

Against all supposed fashion “rules”, Joanna wears denim on denim…. AND ROCKS IT!!! I think the key here is that she wears different shades of denim in the same outfit.

6. DON’T FORGET the accessories and polish!!!

You will mostly see Joanna’s fingers painted in the most beautiful neutral colors, proving once again LESS IS MORE! Also, she wears beautiful simple jewelry that she sells in her online shop Magnolia Market! Check it out! The leather bracelets are my favorite…

7. Fancy can be mixed with casual.

I love how she pairs this denim shirt with frills. I mostly just threw this in because I love the combo so much! Although, I am trying to decide where I would wear it….

When trying to recreate Joanna Gaines wardrobe for yourself, remember: simplicity is key, add a pop of color to a neutral wardrobe, denim on denim is OK, boots are the way to go, and don’t forget the polish and accessories! I hope this guide helps you simplify your wardrobe, and get that style we all love!

What is your favorite part of JoJo’s look?

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xo, Adri

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Love this!! And love her!


I LOVE her skirt from reveal Day on season 3 episode 5 – any idea where she got it? (Or where to find a similar one)?


Hi Megan! I searched high and low for that skirt–it is so cute!!!! That season aired in 2015 so unfortunately the skirt may not be for sale anymore? I tried to find a place to buy it/ where Joanna bought it and came up with nothing. I did find some similar skirts, but overall this style was pretty scarce (which is crazy because once again it is so cute!) Check out what I found below.

-This is a very similar skirt that I found on Poshmark. Unfortunately it looks like they are sold out but maybe they will come back in in the future?

-This skirt is not the same color or fabric, but it has a similar cut (high sides) Might be an option…

-Here is an option is a different fabric and color, but also a similar cut to the one you like. Super cute!

-Here is a similar fabric to Joanna’s skirt, but the cut is a little different.


Joanna wore a sweater most recent episode coastal/rustic episode. Sweater is white with stripes on shoulder. Do you know the brand?


I haven’t seen the episode and can’t find a picture! If I see it I will look into it and let you know! 🙂


I love her fitted bib overalls. Anyone have a suggestion of where to buy a pair?


Hi Teri! Thanks for your comment. It looks like her overalls are from Madewell but the exact pair is sold out. Here are two similar options (one is black, and one denim).


I love love love the cute lil dress at the reveal on Season 5 Episode 3, Jackson House. Do you know where to get it.? Thanks


Hi Teresa! Unfortunately I haven’t seen the episode and can’t find a picture of the dress! If you have a photo and would like to email me I’d be happy to try to find out for you. 🙂


I was lol for that dress too! Any luck finding it??


Hi Pat! I unfortunately don’t have access to the episodes right now (no TV) and don’t know what the dress looks like. Do you have a picture? If you email me a picture I’d be happy to try and help you find where she got it! I wish I was her best friend and could just text her haha…


hi hazel, do you happen to know where joanna got the shoes from last night’s reveal? thanks!


What brand are the stone colored suede ankle boots and where can you buy them?


Love your styles


Loved reading this post! I’m obsessed with Joanna and her style is way too cute!


Thank you so much! I’m glad you love her style as much as I do!


Where can I find the eyelet, flair sleeve top Joanna wore on episode 16?


Where can I find the denim cropped jeans that Joanna was wearing during Behind The Design/Waco Charm ?
Thanks !!


Would anyone know where Joanna got that blue and white dress with the lemons that she wore on the today show last year. I search for it and tons of images are revealed, but not where the dress was purchased? HELP!


Where to purchase ruffled chiffon maxi skirt Joanna Gaines wore on cover darling #15

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