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Hello, hello!

One of the reasons for this space is to let friends and family follow along on our journey in life. With that being said, I wanted to do short little weekly updates! They’ll probably be pretty boring most of the time, but I thought it’d be fun to do and good for all the people who are interested!

Life update: As you may have seen on my Instagram, Garrett and I moved. Again!!!!

We went from being in Grad school in Oklahoma for 3 years to living with family in STL Missouri (while we tried to figure out our next steps life), to living with my family in California while G starts his new job and NOW we look for apartments! Wow, that was a mouthful.

Also, we love our family and have been so incredibly GRATEFUL for their presence and support during our transition period. But we are also so ready to get in our own place again. 🙂 I can’t wait to decorate a new place!

So the drive here was 30 hours. 30 HOURS!

I’m not a huge fan of road trips, but it was so fun to see some of our best friends in Oklahoma, and drive through New Mexico (which honestly was kinda boring. But SW was cool!) We also got to see a friend, basically a brother, in Arizona. And we stopped at the Carlsbad flower fields. We wouldn’t have done any of those things if we flew!

Not to mention we wouldn’t have our car….

Garrett is loving his new job. So far so good! He even got a company SMART car to putt around the area in. I was a skeptic at first, but that thing is so dang FUN to ride in!

I’m just doing the same old, same old. Helping my man chase his dreams while chasing mine online so when we move I don’t have to start over from scratch! (We seriously have moved a lot in our marriage. A LOT.)

Recently I had surgery which was BRUTAL, but I’m so glad it is over with and am now on the road to recovery.

My hair tutorials are going out weekly now so SUBSCRIBE!!! And I’m also starting to hang out more on Instagram !

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Hi, I’m Adri (short for Adrianna). I’m the face behind Hazel Darling blog and I also dabble in sharing hair tutorials on YouTube. I’m married to my best friend Garrett (more commonly referred to as G or Lover Boy), and we are close to celebrating 7 years of marriage! We have lived all over the US and just moved (again) to California. ☀️ I love to do braids in my hair (obviously), but you can most often find me with my hair down and usually undone. I love anything that has to do with beauty or product testing, I’d consider myself a health and fitness lover, and I LOVE working outdoors in the yard (as long as no bugs come my way 🙅🏼‍♀️). I don’t like to swim, or be wet in general, I can be sassy (but usually only with G- sorry babe!), and I only like to cuddle when I feel like it. That’s why G thinks my spirit animal is a CAT. 😂 Anyway, enough about me. I want to know more about you! Introduce yourself below and tell me what you think your spirit animal is and why. Haha I can’t wait to read these!

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What else is new…. We want a puppy, but that’s not really new!

See you next time!

xo, adri

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