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Hi friends! I know I promised a weekly outfit inspiration, and it has been a month since my last one…sorry! The holidays have been chalk full of travel, busy and fun. But today’s outfit inspiration is camel skirts and polka dots! I’m going to be honest. I just watched Parks & Recreation again (mayyybe for the sixth time….maybe), so I have April Ludgate’s fashion on my mind which is the inspiration behind this weeks post! Does anyone else love that show?

  1. Blue Cardigan/ 2.  Polka Dot Blouse/ 3.  Fit and Flare Camel Skirt/ Also… Black Opaque Tights/ 4.  Leather Boot

I loved this outfit the moment I saw it! I love the camel skirt with the polka dots, and the pop of blue in the cardigan. In the show she is wearing white shoes (maybe Oxfords?) but I thought having black booties would look nice as well and better suit my style! This outfit is great for fall/winter and could definitely be worn in a work or for a semi casual occasion.

Do you love April Ludgate’s fashion in the later seasons of Parks & Rec as much as I do?

I hope you liked this outfit and were inspired! My last outfit inspiration is Plaid & Gold. If you are interested check it out! It is great for the holidays….

xo, Adri


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