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Hey ladies! I’ve got a fun tutorial for you today: 3 ways to style a French Mohawk braid. This is one of my most requested tutorials and I can see why, Mohawk braids are so fun! I did a Dutch Mohawk braid in this Instagram post. It’s the same thing, just reverse the direction of the braid! This is a more advanced style, so just keep at it and you will get it. I’m super excited for the weekend, and can hopefully relax a bit because it has been one heck of a week! Today I woke up with an allergic reaction all over my lips. (Yes…on top of my fever blister! I’m just not feeling too hot right now haha). After some doctors appointments it seems I may have an allergy to menthol which is in my fever blister balm. Does anyone else have this problem?

Also, thank you to those who gave me some good feedback on my Instagram of what you wanted to see in future posts! I hear you and I will start to mix in some lifestyle and makeup posts every week. I am no pro at makeup but I do love it so that would be fun!

*** Scroll down for video tutorial!

3 Ways to Style a French Mohawk Braid:

Style #1

I think this might be my favorite of the three… I wear this style to the gym, and I love it because it does not pull on my hairline too badly. It’s super chic, easy, and can dress up any style. Win!!!!

Style #2

This style takes the least amount of time out of the three. It is simple, but super cute and edgy. I sported this style the day we explored Cologne Germany (picture here and here). I got so many compliments!

Style #3

This top knot is a super trendy style made more edgy by the Mohawk braid. I’m not much into top knots, so this was a little bit of a different style for me. I wore it around all day though! It grew on me…

Which one of these three hairstyles are your favorite???? Let me know in the comments below!

If you feel like a pro with this braid, here is a great tutorial for a Dutch Mohawk Ponytail from Missy Sue! She seriously has hands of gold! And check out last weeks Simple Half up Crown Braid here!

Thanks for the kindness and support. I love you all!
xo, Adri



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