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Hello everybody! I love this holiday so much that I wanted to put a post together of 5 ideas for an awesome Valentine’s day! Check it out!

1. Cute Decor

I love decorating for holiday’s, and this cute gold wreath hit the mark for Valentine’s Day! I love it’s simplicity, and how classy it looks whereas many Valentine’s decorations can look “young.” Check out more decor ideas in the widget below!
Valentine's Day Heart Wreath Gold- Threshold


2. A sweetheart waffle breakfast (Waffle Iron)

Who doesn’t love waffles?! And especially heart shaped ones!!! Treat your Valentine to a wonderful waffle breakfast complete with hearts, whippie and strawberries!

Heart Waffle Iron


3. Gussy up with some amazing lip color

LIPSENSE!!!! Ladies, this lip color is waterproof, smudge proof, long lasting, and comes in many fun colors to help you feel like a million bucks on Valentine’s Day. I recently became a distributor (mostly to fuel my addiction) but if you are interested in learning more and trying out this amazing stuff, join me on my Facebook group: Darling Lips by Adri! Trust me, your man will love that this does not come off on him when you kiss.

Lipsense Valentine's Day

4. Wear an awesome T-shirt like this (or like this)

Isn’t this shirt cute?! It was designed by Lover Boy… I swear I am not just trying to self promote our stuff, but we are entrepreneurial and have our hands in diverse things. I just loved this design and thought it was perfect for my post! For more details click on the picture to take you to the site. There you will find unisex shirts so you can match your sweetheart! Also, Mindy Mae’s Market has an awesome Valentine’s day section as well. Check it out!
Valentine Heart Scoop Neck Shirt


5. Spend time with your valentine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valentine’s day is not just for couples. A Valentine = ANYONE YOU LOVE! Be sure to spend extra time this day with the person/people you love. It can be your roommates, friends, family, your dog…. Be sure they know that you love them, and enjoy this wonderful holiday together!

Below I have included a slider of other items I loved for V-day amazingness. Be sure to check it out! I hope this post gives you ideas on how to make your Valentine’s day awesome! Be sure to love those around you, and remember to love life!

xo, Adri

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