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New year, new flunk… Did you know that only about 9.2% of people who made a New Year’s resolution felt they achieved their goals in 2016? I wonder if that number was so low because some of us are just too hard on ourselves, but still…9.2%!

By the end of January about half the people who actually made a New Year’s resolution will have already flunked. (Man Adri- you just failed your 2017 resolution of being more positive! ;))

Have you already tanked your new year’s resolution? WHAAAAT HAPPENED?

The good thing about a year is that there are 365 days in it. 365 days to start over, and determine your own destiny. And after that there will be another 365 days to achieve a new goal. Get the picture? Start, and start again!

In order to start your New Year’s resolution up again, and take another shot at success you must make a COURSE CORRECTION. Determine why your goal failed, and what you can do to be more successful this next go around. For example…

With your exercise goal did you do too much too quickly, and become a beached whale for the next week wishing the soreness would go away so that you could walk like a normal person again? (Who wants to work out again after a terrible experience like that?!)

With your eating goal, did you ban all sugar from your diet but then have a bad day and binge on all the chocolate that you stash under your bed for those exact occasions? (Chocolate is healthy….right?)

Did you make a goal to read every day, but don’t plan it into your schedule so you end up drooling on the pages instead of over them at night when you are too exhausted to read?

Be careful with the way you set your goals people! In my short years on this good earth I have learned that extremes are never the answer, and that we can all be too hard on ourselves at times.

I have compiled this list of 5 reasons why your New Year’s resolution may have already tanked, or will before the end of 2017. Use this list right now to evaluate your goals, and how you are going to accomplish them.

1. You didn’t write a plan. (***GASP***)

How are you going to succeed if everyday you have to make a conscious decision to do something you’re trying to be successful at? Create a plan! Make your goals QUANTIFIABLE, but not outrageous. TREAT YO’ SELF when you reach small milestones. And most of all, if you “fail,” determine why, then pick yourself back up and TRY AGAIN! And again, and again, and again….

During Christmas break I listened to one of Tony Robbins YouTube videos called “New Year, New You” (check it out here! It’s so great!) I love how he talks about making a vision compelling enough that it will push you, not pull you. “Push requires willpower, and willpower never lasts!” If you are dragging your feet on your resolution, it is not pushing you.

2. You didn’t review your goal everyday!

Like evverrryyydayyy! Print out a calendar and “X” out the days in red or green depending on whether you accomplished your goal or not. After a while you will see all those green X’s and it will continue to motivate you. (Or you will see those red X’s and think ‘man, I need to kick my butt into gear!’) Post your calendar or vision board somewhere obvious. Think about it daily. Look at it. Want it. This is how you will be successful in your goal.

3. You are not accountable!

Be accountable to someone else to achieve your New Year’s resolution. Ask your spouse, best friend, sister, mom… to keep you accountable. Help them be accountable for one of their goals too! How about you make a goal together? Whatever floats your boat…. When others you love and admire are in on your goals, you will be more likely to achieve them.

Another fun way to be accountable is to join a challenge group! My dad over the break introduced me to the 2017 Gold Challenge on (this website). I’m not a “runner,” but I thought it might be a fun goal to achieve! You have two options: 1,000  miles in a year, or 100 days of miles (run/walk/exercise). Personally, I chose to do the 100 days of miles because running and I don’t usually go into the same sentence….this will be a challenge for me, and I’m excited!

Once you sign up for free, you have a profile where you can track the exercise you do. Every day that you put some miles in, go to your profile and add them! Start doing this with friends, family, and peers! Keep each other accountable and have fun!

4. You don’t forgive yourself. (YOU ARE NOT PERFECT- nobody is!)

I swear only robots can muscle through their goals without ever missing a day! Give yourself some slack! I’m not talking about going day after day without working on your goal, but somedays LIFE HAPPENS and it’s ok! Your dog eats a pound of chocolate, family comes into town unexpectedly, you get sick…  Be forgiving of yourself, nobody is perfect, and then the next day start again! I guarantee you will go through this a couple of times this year….

5. You don’t believe in yourself!

To succeed in anything, you have to believe in yourself. Some healthy self-esteem and conviction will help you achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to. It helps to close your eyes and actually visualize yourself achieving your goal. If you can see it happening, you are more likely to accomplish it. Give yourself some positive self talk in the morning. At night reflect on your day, and reviews your goals BELIEVING you will succeed. I’ve been using The Five Minute Journal to help me reflect on each day, but you can use whatever you like. You can do it! I believe in you….do you?

My New Year’s resolutions for 2017:

-Combat stress thought consistent exercise. (at least 3x a week)

-Read 1 book a month.

I am just starting my New Year’s resolutions, and I figured some people may be in the same boat or have fallen off the bandwagon with theirs already. If this is you get back up and be motivated to start again!

I’d love to hear about your goals and resolutions, and feel free to check up on me with mine and see how I’m doing! 

Much love!

xo, Adri

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These are really great tips. The hardest one for me is forgiving myself


It’s so funny because it’s completely true! If you don’t hold yourself accountable and check in everyday then your resolution is going to tank before you even get into February! I made about 5 resolutions and so far only one goal I haven’t kept, but I plan to start it up again anyway. The important thing is to try, try again until you make it! Great post. 🙂


This year I want to run 50 miles in less than 12 hours, grow my RV lifestyle blog to over 1000 subscribers, and become 100% DEBT FREE!
Something I talked about this morning on Facebook to help people achieve their goals was to have something tangible on hand to remind them of their goals throughout the day. For example, I wear my high school ring to remind myself when I’m feeling nervous about a new situation that I got through the awkwardness of high school, I can get through this. When I’m feeling like I need to be kinder, I draw a heart on my thumb so I’m constantly “seeing” love. When I’m trying to lose weight, I write my goal weight on a piece of paper and carry it in my pocket so I can “feel” the number whenever temptation arises.
Most of us are not auditory learners, meaning we can’t just hear our goals and have the motivation to achieve them. We are most likely kinesthetic (hands-on) and visual learners who need visual aids and tangible reminders of our goals.
Great article!


Great goals! I love the little things you do to remind yourself of your goals each day. I am definitely going to try those! 🙂


The only way to really ail is to give up completely. I’ve not been great at my goals so far, but that doesn’t mean I am going to stop trying. Great post!

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