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Ok, so after our Europe trip we had some family come into town and I realized that I didn’t have a swimsuit!!! Like….at all. (what kind of a California girl am I?! The kind that has lived away from the golden coast for too long!)  So I went on this huge search for a cute swimsuit, but because of a time crunch I just went and bought a really cute one at Target. Oh Target….. <3 Today I wanted to share with you my findings while searching for a cute swimsuit–shops, trends, etc. I’ve got your back! And if any of you find that you are in the same predicament that I was… well, you’re welcome. 😉

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Ok, let’s get started….

1. One piece suits are totally in!

One pieces can look so classy and chic, especially as the swimsuit Gods are upping their game in one piece design! Side lacing and cut outs make these swimsuits even more fun. I always have a black one piece on hand for my go to classy swim look.

2. Cuz she’s so highhhhhhh, high above me. She’s so lovely….. (anyone know that song?)

Another huge trend this season is high neck and high leg. I recently purchased the Target high neck swimsuit in black and love it! (In the widget below it is the plum colored one.) I have yet to try a really high leg swimsuit, sometimes I think they look unflattering and uncomfortable. Does anyone else think that?

3. Color!

Rainbow colors, actual rainbows, the elementary colors, color blocking, stripes….. It’s all amazing and definitely one of the new trends in swimwear for 2017!

4. Gingham!!! ’nuff said.

I love this style so SO much. I saw a picture of Julia from Gal Meets Glam in the Solid & Striped yellow gingham suit (it is linked in my widget below) and instantly wanted it. Check it out! It’ll make you die to have it too….. 🙂

5. High waisted bikinis!

They are kinda fun! Check out some of my favorite ones from Albion Fit ! They are definitely on my list of future purchases.

So…I have like 10 suits that I now want to purchase….be strong Adri! Be strong!!! I feel like when I was younger buying a swimsuit was such a chore because you had to weed out the good ones in the millions of weird or frumpy suits. Now, there’s gold everywhere! A good resource I used for modest swimwear is Emily’s list over on her website Modest Goddess. Check it out! Hope this post helps you find a suit to feel stylish in as you are out in the water. Have fun out in the sun people!

xo, Adri

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