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Hey! Garrett here.

Everyone likes a good floor mirror right? Well, Adri and I have been dreaming of upgrading from our cheap little $5 mirror for a while and I finally had some time to make it happen! We wanted one that was large enough that I didn’t have to stand on the opposite side of the room to see my whole body and one that had the flexibility of being able to lean against the wall, or be freestanding in a room. Plus we love the look of the arched floor mirror.

DIY Arched Standing Floor Mirror

This is a project that can easily be done in a day and only costs around $70 (depending on what type of materials you decide to use).

Shopping List:

-2 1x4x6 boards (Pine would look great. I had access to some Sycamore so that is what I used.)
-1 1x8x6 board
Mirror 16″x 58″ (I got mine from Lowes on sale for $20 but it is originally around $25)
Screws (3/4″)
Wood Glue or Liquid Nails
Clear Caulk
1/2″ Hinge (for freestanding option)
-1x2x6 board (for freestanding option)


-Miter Saw (or any saw to cut down boards)
Drill or Screwdriver
-Jigsaw or Scroll Saw (to cut the arch)
-Table Saw (Optional)


Step 1

Start by measuring out your mirror and then figuring out how much you want the frame to overlap on the outside edges. I wanted at least a half inch of coverage around the mirror when framed in.

I cut the top and bottom boards to 15″ in length, so that my side boards would cover a half inch on the edge of the mirror.


Step 2 (Option with Table Saw)

Using the table saw, I set the blade to half an inch high so that I could cut a groove for the mirror to sit in. I cut my bottom piece and both side pieces using the half inch setting.

DIY Arched Standing Floor Mirror

Make sure to keep the side of the board you want facing front against the fence (or guide rail of the saw table). This will insure that the mirror stays flat when assembled.

For the top board, I raised the blade height to 3″ and cut the same groove as the other pieces.

DIY Arched Standing Floor Mirror


**If you do not have a table saw you can skip this step. Just finish making the frame without the grooves. Attach the mirror to the back of the frame by using mirror clips and installing them on the backside so the reflective part of the mirror is showing through the frame.**

Step 3

Using something large and round, like a pizza pan, go ahead and draw your arch on the top board. Make sure that the top of your arch is still 1/2″ away from the top of your groove cut.


Then using a jig saw or scroll saw (scroll saw would be easiest) go ahead and cut out the arch!

Step 4

Once you have your top and bottom pieces cut, go ahead and place the mirror in the grooves and line up the side boards to figure out the length you need to cut them to.

Once cut, turn your mirror face down and slide it into the grooves of your frame. It helps to have a second person for this just to be extra careful with the mirror.

Add a few dabs of glue in between the boards and then have someone hold the seam tight as you screw in the brackets over each joint.

DIY Arched Standing Floor Mirror

DIY Arched Standing Floor Mirror

At this point you can take clear caulk and run a bead around the edges on the back of the frame to help keep the mirror from sliding and shaking. The clear caulk comes out white but dries clear.

DIY Arched Standing Floor Mirror

(Kinda looks like a chalkboard from the back right?? Could be another great project if you wanted a chalkboard!)

Step 5 (For Freestanding Option)

Take your 1x2x6 board and cut it down to be about 2 inches shorter than the length of your frame. You can cut a diagonal piece out of the top like we did to help with putting on the hinge.

Line up the bottom of the 1×2 board with the bottom of the frame, find the center, and attach the hinge to the top of the mirror frame and the 1×2.

DIY Arched Standing Floor Mirror

If you are worried about the mirror and the leg sliding apart on wooden floors I would suggest attaching a piece of leather to the leg so it only comes out as far as you want. We didn’t need one as we have carpet in our bedroom.

Step 6

Enjoy your mirror!!

DIY Arched Standing Floor Mirror



Hopefully this awesome arched floor mirror inspires you to go get some of your DIY on. We’d love to see if you try any of our projects and how they turn out! Also, let us know if there is something you want to see done and we’d love to look into it.

Also, here is the tutorial on how we made our diy eucalyptus wreath!

Peace y’all!


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This project looks amazing! Love the natural wood finish. Thank you for sharing your project.


This is beautiful! =)


This is great!! I love the mirror you made, does not look DIY at all! Here’s hoping it could do this myself 🙂


Thanks! Tag me in a picture if you do make this mirror! I’m sure it will turn out great. 🙂



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