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Don’t know what to give your man for Christmas? I feel like Garrett is the easiest and the hardest person to shop for all rolled up in one! Haha. He is so easy going and would love anything I get him, but he is also very particular (especially with clothing) and he knows what he wants. It makes keeping things a surprise very difficult. One year he literally made this huge list of things he wouldn’t mind getting for Christmas, some things expensive and others not. I teased him about it, but it was actually really helpful! So if you have a guy in your life that you have no clue what to get for him, check out Garrett’s Christmas Gift Guide for the Guys below! Also, I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! Take it away G.

Check back next week for the gift guide for the ladies!


Christmas Gift Guide for the Guys:

Hey there! It’s Garrett just jumping in to give a little perspective of what your husband, brother, dad, or another guy in your life might want as a gift for Christmas. It can be hard knowing what to get someone but hopefully I can help by telling you some things that I have and love or things that I’d love to receive. Check out the list below!

1. Chukka Boot

I love Chukka boots because of their style and practicality. They are durable, comfortable, and fashionable which makes them an easy go to for guys.

2. Camping hammock

I absolutely love hammocks for camping, the backyard, or even hanging them inside. I seriously had a hammock hanging in the living room for the first few apartments we lived in.

3. Woodworking Smoothing Plane

Every guy likes to feel manly, and woodworking with traditional hand tools helps with that. Using a hand planer is one of the most satisfying feelings to make your man feel macho. I think every man needs something like this.

4. Drill set

Even if your man isn’t into fine woodworking you can always play it safe with a nice set of power drills. They come in handy all the time, and maybe it will motivate him to do an awesome project for you.

5. Moccasins

Everyone likes toasty warm feet when it comes to cold weather. I especially love having stylish slippers that I can wear outside too. 

6. Travel toiletry bag

Traveling is great, and being organized while traveling is even better. I love having all my toiletries packed nice and neat and I also appreciate pulling out a bag that I feel stylish with, even if nobody but Adri sees it.

7. A book about Meat

I love meat. Anyway to learn more about how to prep it, cook it, and eat it is a win in my book.

8. Echo Dot

If your guy likes tech stuff this is something I have been wanting. Even though most of my use would be just asking random questions, it would be great to help keep organized up to date with new tech. It’s only $30 on Amazon today! (picture is linked)

9. Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker

Breakfast food + Star Wars… Do I really need to say anything else?

10. Board Games or Card Games

One of my favorite things to do is play board games and card games with the fam. These are some great ones that I love playing with a group.

I hope this Christmas gift guide gives you some fun gift giving ideas for the men in your life. Enjoy the holidays!



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