5 reasons to visit Disneyland during the Holidays!!!

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So Gare and I recently spent Thanksgiving in California with my family. It was the best! When you move away from family you realize how important they are and can’t wait until you can see them. At least that’s the case for me. We weren’t planning on going to Disneyland this trip, but things worked out to where we were able to go with my parents! I have been to Disneyland many times, but rarely during the holidays for some reason. And I tell you what, Disneyland during the Holidays may just be the best thing EVER!

Why? Here is a list of some of my favorite things about Disneyland during the Holidays, which might convince you that you need to plan and go next year! This is not an ad by the way…. I just really love Disneyland. You can keep reading or check out the video below!

5 Reasons why you need to go to Disneyland during the Holidays.

  1. The Decor, PERIOD! Everywhere you look there is Christmas spirit! The giant Christmas trees, the characters in their Holiday getup. The castle becomes a winter wonderland! And the Haunted Mansion gets redecorated as The Nightmare Before Christmas. It is so magical. I also heard the Christmas parade is wonderful! We missed it to go on a ride…

  2. The weather. It had rained the morning we went to Disneyland, which every CA native knows is the BEST because the park is less crowded. Also, in the winter months it tends to be cooler so you don’t feel like you are dying of heatstroke.

  3. The food. This is a year round plus, but it is so nice to get a warm turkey leg or corn chowder on a cool day. Also the churros…. one thing Garrett talks about year round. I hear they have different flavors for fall! (Pumpkin spice churro anyone?)

  4. The Christmas lights. At night you need to go to the It’s a Small World ride, it is BEAUTIFUL. Also, the castle at night is magical, and all the lights down main street are wonderful. Really it is just so so beautiful at night when all the decor is lite up.

  5. It is magical. If you think Disneyland is magical during the summer, you will like it EVEN BETTER during the Holidays. It is breathtaking and will make you feel like you are in a different world.

Once again, this post is not sponsored. We just really love Disneyland and wanted to share our fun there this last month.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and that at least once in your life you get to go to Disneyland during the Holidays. Merry Christmas!

xo, Adri

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