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Hey friends! So we are currently in Europe! YAY!!!! This has seriously been a dream of ours since we got hitched, and now we are living the dream! Today I wanted to share with you a hairstyle that I will be sporting quite a bit in the rainy regions that we will be traveling to (my hair + humidity= no bueno). This easy and chic low bun will be perfect for those days when the humidity gets to me, or when I am on day 3 hair because I just don’t feel like washing it! Such a chore, am I right?! This hairstyle takes very little time, looks nice (Garrett compliments me on it almost every time he see’s me so it must be a keeper), and is easily dressed up!

To see how I curled my bangs with a straightener, check out my tutorial on how to get straightener curls!

How to easy and chic low bun

***Here’s a good graphic to pin so you remember how to do this amazingly easy chic low bun hair style!

How to easy and chic low bun

Check out my video for how to achieve this super cute look! Also, G and I would love if you joined us on our adventures around Europe this summer by following my Instagram account (and his) to see where we are headed! Thanks for stopping by! Much love! I love exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell? (insert forehead slap…)

How to easy and chic low bun

xo, Adri

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