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So Garrett and I LOVE Halloween. Ok….maybe I love it more than him. I’m not a huge fan of the gore that sometimes accompanies this holiday, but rather the cutesy side of it! I love the fun decorating (if we weren’t still in school I would do more), the cute kids in costumes, the smell of pumpkins….maybe it’s just this time of year that I love.

Obviously we don’t have kids to take trick-or-treating, and we have entered this stage of life where not many people we know like to celebrate this holiday. We hardly ever have  anywhere to go for Halloween, and sometimes we get invited to a last minute party. So, we are super not on our costume game. Most of the time we have to come up with something reeeeaaaalllll quick.

One of our go-to costumes (haha-we are so lame) is a super easy scarecrow! All you need is a flannel shirt, some makeup, paper bags, and a hat! Those are things that most people have in their home!QUICK AND EASY COSTUME

Quick and easy scarecrow costume step-by-step:

First, change into a flannel shirt and some jeans. I chose to wear my “holy” jeans (a.k.a. ripped jeans) to make this look more like a costume. You can wear boots, flats, G wore his chukkas…whatever floats your boat! Don’t forget a hat! If you have something straw that would be best, but any will do (I guess that is not totally true but you get the point).

Next, apply makeup. Gare is such a trooper with this one… Haha. Just apply a pink lipstick in a triangular shape on your nose, and give yourself some nice, circular, rosy cheeks (Gare didn’t want those though). Then, take some eyeliner and outline the nose, draw in some crazy bottom lashes, extend the lips, and don’t forget the stitched look! Isn’t that easy peasy?


Then, grab a paper bag (we get ours at Aldi-a grocery store) and cut it out in a rectangle long enough to wrap around your wrists and your legs. Then take that rectangle and cut slits 2/3 of the way in to make it look like straw. The thinner you cut it, the better it looks. (mine was a little thick)

Finally, once everything is cut out, tape it on your arms and legs! I rolled my sleeves so I had to tape it to my skin. It didn’t hurt to take it off too bad… Garrett left his sleeves down so he was golden.


Is that not one of the quickest and easiest costumes ever?




Maybe one day we will get more into the costume and party thing, but this Halloween….this Halloween we will be in our pajamas, cuddling while watching a scaryish movie (I can’t handle the real creepy ones). I’m glad we got to “dress up” a little this year, and hopefully we helped some of you who need a last minute costume for last minute plans.


xo, Adri


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