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Happy Friday! Today’s style I love, and get compliments from G about it frequently. It is a half up loop bun! I really like this style because it adds some flair and pizzazz to a regular half up style. Its got a messy bun and a cute “tail”! I have long hair so sometimes I feel like my “tail” is too long, but this would look so dang cute in shorter hair! Check out the tutorial below and let me know how you like it in the comments.

On another note, who is excited for Easter?! I have always loved Easter. The egg decorating, egg hunts, family time.

Garrett and I have lived in a different state from our family for so long that we usually just celebrate Easter on our own. Now that we are closer to family I am crazy excited to be with them on this holiday. The nieces and nephews will come over, we will eat yummy food, and we will have a fun egg hunt!

Growing up, my step-mom would make a cake that looked like a bunny for Easter. I loved that tradition so much as a kid, so this year I am going to attempt one of my own. Wish me luck!

What are your favorite Easter traditions? Comment below!

I hope you all like this tutorial for the half up loop bun, have a wonderful Easter spent with family and friends. And whatever your beliefs are I thought it would be cool to share mine through a video about Easter.

Happy Easter!

xo, adri

Half Up Loop Bun

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