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Hey peeps! Adri here. I just wanted give you a quick idea of what my “Life with Loverboy” section is all about and briefly introduce you to the most important person of my life, Garrett!

Garrett and I have been married for an amazing four years. We met at school while both working on our undergrads, and surprisingly didn’t really like each other at first, ha!. We both thought the other was super cute but WAY too stuck up. Luckily, we ended up hanging out a lot because of mutual friends, and found out that we work really well being stuck up together! (Ok, neither of us are actually stuck up… or at least we hope we’re not!)

You might recognize us from this picture:

I'm stuck with him... FOREVER. Picture from Kimbry Studios.

This was from our engagement photo shoot. (We look like baby’s!) After our photographer put it up on Pinterest it circulated around social media for a couple of years and a lot of people have recognized us from it. If you haven’t seen it, no big deal!

Anyway, we love going on adventures, doing projects, and having impromptu dance parties. We dream about adding a puppy to our family (and eventually children when I’m sure I can keep the dog alive), and are always talking about traveling the world.

This section of my blog is meant to be all about us and our adventures. That includes, but is not limited to, date night ideas, relationships advice, vacations and traveling, and any posts that G decides to chime in on or write himself.

Now, before I make our married life seem like perfection I’d like to add a disclaimer: marriage is tough and takes a TON of work and understanding. I get on his case about eating better, and he has to drag me out of bed every morning. But as both parties work towards a great marriage I promise it is the BEST adventure you will ever embark on. And let’s be real. It’s nice to have a best friend around every single day.

To check out G’s “about me” page, click this link.

Also, we’d love to know if you’ve seen our record picture somewhere before this blog! And if you have any other questions or thoughts please feel free to leave it in the comments below or you can contact us through my contact page.

Thanks for stopping by!


xo, adri

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