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Hey ladies! Today I wanted to help you pick a makeup subscription box that is right for you! I will be reviewing the Ipsy Glam bag vs. Play! by Sephora, two boxes I have been receiving each month. I LOVE getting these boxes! Not only do I get to sample product that I have been eyeing in the store, but it is just a ton of FUN to get the packages…it’s like Christmas every time! But which one is better? Both boxes are only $10 a month, which is in my opinion a fair price for the samples, information, and discounts on products you receive. I really enjoyed trying out both of these makeup subscription boxes, but I only chose one to stick with…can you guess which one? Let’s go over the pro’s and cons of each.

Also, be sure you check out the videos at the bottom of this post for reviews on the products I received in April! (BONUS! You get to see a Garrett original dance move 🙂

IPSY Glam Bag

  • Pro: Came in the CUTEST bags that were good quality. If you keep this subscription for a while you will be up neck deep in bags. I will be using one of them to hold my makeup for my upcoming trip to Europe!
  • Pro: The app for the glam bag has descriptions, tells you how to use your product, and they send you decent savings on the products in your bag.
  • Con: I rarely got a brand I actually wanted to try or was interested in. I felt that with Ipsy I was getting product from brands I had never heard of, which is fine, but I felt they advertised the larger brands I was more interested in.
  • Con: I got a blush in EVERY single package I got from them. It’s fine guys….It’s fine! I now have various different blushes hanging around! I wish I would’ve received some foundation or concealer or eye shadow….anything but more blush!!!!

Play! by Sephora

  • Pro: I was sent samples from well-known brands whose product I was dying to try. I would rather know if I like the product or not instead of taking the $40 leap of faith.
  • Pro: Sample sizes are amazing for some of the product. I received a Living Proof full blast volumizing spray a month or two ago, and the sample is so big I am STILL using it.
  • Pro: They give you a fun little handout in each box explaining the product and how to use it. They also include random knowledge for your benefit such as what your skincare routine should look like…
  • Pro: They also give you 50 beauty insider points which means…..more makeup!
  • Con: It comes a little later in the month. I’m impatient, so sometimes it kills me to wait until the 19th of every month to get my Play! box. I do wish it would come earlier in the month, but I guess in the grand scheme of things this is a minor flaw that is easily overlooked.

Decision made….

Although fun, I decided to drop my Ipsy Glam bag makeup subscription. I would get more excited over the bag I was sent than any of the product I received from them. I was also disappointed that every month I received a blush in my bag when I would have preferred to try something different. This may be a great subscription for those who are not looking for any specific type of brand, and are willing to try unknown or new products. Also, if you love free bags, this is YOUR SUBSCRIPTION! 🙂

I CHOSE to stick with the Play! by Sephora makeup subscription box! This decision was heavily influenced by the brands and types of makeup I was sent. Also, they had a really handy information sheet talking about each product, and you get 50 beauty insider points each box!

Are you wanting to try a subscription box? Here is the link for Ipsy, and here is the link for Sephora. They are both $10 a month, and there is no penalty for canceling your subscription. Have fun trying one out!

Also, here are my product review videos for each subscription. Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you don’t miss anything in the future!

Pass or purchase? April Play! by Sephora

Pass or purchase? April Ipsy Glam Bag

Ipsy glam bag vs. play! by sephora subscription boxes

xo, Adri


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