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Did you hear the news? Chip & Joanna Gaines are expecting! I was so excited that I decided to do a Joanna Gaines capsule wardrobe post for my outfit inspiration this week. Plus, I feel like her wardrobe is so cute and functional so it’s a good one to model after. And in the Spring edition of The Magnolia Journal there is an article about capsule wardrobes. Instead of a short inspiration post, this week I am providing information from research I’ve done on how to do a capsule wardrobe as I myself am working toward this. Also, If you want to know more tips on how to dress like Joanna Gaines, check out my post!

This weeks inspiration is based on this picture of Joanna. Out of all her outfits, this one ALWAYS catches my attention. It is so casual yet classy….I love it!

(Photo via Magnolia Market)

Here are the deets…

1.  Black High Rise Jean  / 2.  Multi Cord Bracelet/ 3. Cognac Leather Tote, Joanna’s Favorite Bag / 4. Olive Green Jacket / 5. Chambray Tunic / 6. Cognac Boots

How to get Joanna Gaines Capsule Wardrobe

I have been really interested in the idea of a capsule wardrobe for a while. I feel like it would relieve stress of trying to figure out what to wear, save some time in my day as well as space, and make me feel more fulfilled in general. But….it also really scares me.

I have been seeing a lot about a 33 piece capsule wardrobe PER SEASON lately, and I feel like that is more my game. The idea is that you have 33 items in your closet that work together to create various outfits. (This does not include underwear, active wear or pajamas). Whenever a new season rolls around (every 3 months), you box up your wardrobe, and pull out the next seasons capsule wardrobe.

As I’ve seen pictures of Joanna Gaines wardrobe I’ve realized that she wears a lot of the same items of clothing in different ways! So here are some tips that I’ve researched and and applied to my own clothing as I transition to a capsule wardrobe.

1. The basics

First thing’s first. Make a list of the basic items of clothing you need. (Ex: jeans, dress, skirt, basic tee, flats, sunglasses, etc…) This should not be a list of 33 items so you can have some fun and trendy pieces as well.

For Joanna this seems to be a good pair of jeans, a basic v-neck, and a good pair of boots.

 2. Pick a color pallete & an accent color

To make your capsule wardrobe work you will need a neutral color pallete (think blacks, grays and whites) and then an accent color according to the season. In the fall your accent may be a burgundy or a plum, whereas in the summer it might be coral. You can have more than one accent color, but make sure everything goes together so you don’t limit yourself on outfit options.

Joanna seems to love her blues and greens. Although I have seen her sport a coral or red every once in a while as well.

 3. What is your lifestyle like?

One thing to consider when planning your capsule wardrobe is what your lifestyle is like. Do you work outside more often than not? Are you usually in a professional setting? Your capsule wardrobe will need to work for your daily life as well as casual settings.

For Joanna it seems she works outside on the farm a lot so some good work boots and jeans are always handy.

4. Add layers

An important aspect of a capsule wardrobe is the ability to create different outfits with the same items of clothing. You can achieve this the best by adding textures and layers to your wardrobe. It is also handy to have layers to cover weather ranges of cold vs. warm days.

On Joanna’s Fall Wardrobe Essentials post she discusses how this is important for her especially because the weather in Texas can range from cold to blasted hot in a matter of days.

5. Trial and error

As with anything in life, a little trial and error is necessary to get the capsule wardrobe that you are most comfortable in. If you want to check out another great guide for starting a capsule wardrobe here is a great one from Classy Yet Trendy.

I hope you enjoyed this post on a Joanna Gaines capsule wardrobe! If you missed last weeks post outfit inspiration you can check it out here!

xo, Adri


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