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Happy Friday loves! This weeks hair tutorial is a Half-up Lace Braid. I posted a picture of this style on my Instagram a couple weeks back (the day of the solar eclipse if we’re being exact) and I got some requests for a tutorial. So here it is!!!! Sorry it has taken me so long! Life has been a little crazy lately. Nothing some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies can’t help though! 🙂

This style is easier than it may look. It will require some knowledge, however, on how to do a simple 3-strand braid and a french braid. So if you would like a refresher check out my easy tutorial that is linked!

A lace braid is essentially a french braid without feeding one of the sides in. Does that make sense? If not, don’t worry about it and just watch my video below.

Also, I added some curl in my hair using my 1 inch NuMe curling wand.


I just love my wand, and wanted some pretty curls to go with my lace braid… But really. This wand is amazing and curls my hair so fast! I like my curls loose so I don’t hold the curl on the barrel too long, and when I’m done I run my fingers through my hair to break up the curls a bit. Be sure you add some thermal heat protectant in your hair before you add any kind of heat!

This wand just started selling at Ulta Beauty!!!

Thanks for watching and being so great! If you haven’t already, give me some love and subscribe to my YouTube channel! And let me know if you tried this braid out and what you think in the comments below! Or you can tag me on Instagram.  I’d love to see your styles!

Have a great fall weekend!

xo, Adri


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