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Helloooo! I have another travel post for you today on the makeup and skincare products I packed for a month of travel in Europe. But first, have you followed The Bucket List Family on YouTube? Watching their weekly episodes is our latest obsession. We have such a desire to travel the world, and it is so cool to see this young family living their dreams and experiencing so much! I do wonder how they pack though. What type of makeup does Jess take with her (if any!). Do they do carry on’s? How do they pack to be constantly on the road?!

Recently Gare and I went to 7 different countries in Europe on a month long adventure. We packed only in carry-on’s (these Osprey packs) and were so SO grateful we did with how many times we were sprinting through an airport trying to catch our next flight! Phew…..

A couple of posts back I showed what clothes to pack in a carry-on for a month in Europe, and today I wanted to share with you makeup packing ideas for long term travel! Because of how little room I had to pack, and how practical I wanted to be with time of getting ready, I brought the very minimum of what I normally use. And honestly, a lot of what I brought were samples from my Ipsy and Sephora subscription boxes that I was receiving because the products were a great size! To check out a review on which box is better click here.

Anyway, lets jump in! Check out my video for all the deets, or if you would prefer you can just keep reading!

Makeup and Skincare I Packed for A Month of Travel

Face wipes

I got these Neutrogena cleansing towelettes in travel size at target. This seemed like the easiest way to take off my makeup at night and keep my face clean. I would tear each towelette in half to make them last longer, but I still ended up running out. There are a ton of beauty and conveniences stores where we were though, so I didn’t have a problem finding more to buy!

Facial Oil

I love facial oils! So I grabbed a sample from Biossance of their face and hair oils, and when I got it I thought it would be amazing to bring on my trip because it was the perfect size and worked so well! Also, I couldn’t figure out how to bring coconut oil without it melting and getting everywhere! But if you can find a way then that works great too!

Unfortunately, though, in Paris I spilled most of it down the sink. Tear…. it was perfect while it lasted though. After that my skin was super dry, and I couldn’t find another oil I wanted to replace it with–they were all too large for the size I was needing!

I would definitely recommend trying these Biossance samples. All you have to do is pay $5 in shipping costs and they give you two samples which helps you know if you like the product or not which is great because it is pricey.  As for me, I loved the product and will be purchasing more here soon.


I am HUGE about protecting your skin from harmful sun rays….especially your face! I try to make sure that I get makeup products that have some SPF in them, but a lot of times I’m trying out different products to review so I just make it a general rule to ALWAYS put sunscreen on my face…. ALWAYS!!!

I’ve been using Neutrogena Sun Age Shield Oil-Free SPF 110 sunscreen for about a year now, and I honestly love it! It is oil-free (thank goodness!) and it doesn’t feel sticky or heavy while it’s on.

Makeup primer

I got this Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer in my Play! by Sephora  box. I had previously tried this product and knew that I liked it so I set this sample aside for our Europe trip. And it is stilllll going strong! I literally used some this morning. A little goes a long way!

BB Cream

I don’t really have many skin discolorations or breakouts so I usually just wear a BB cream. I LOVE the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream, but recently I’ve been trying some different ones that are more in my student budget range. Most recently I got this one from NYX Cosmetics (a great drugstore brand) and used it in Europe. I like how it brightens my skin tone, and I felt it was perfect for the light coverage that I was wanting.


I have been struggling to find a concealer I love! So if you have any you love, drop me a comment below…I’d really appreciate it. I have heard amazing things about this Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer so I grabbed one for Europe. And I’ve got to say…..I don’t love it. I’m not sure if I am just picky or what, but I feel that it wears off halfway though the day, and I can never get it to fully cover my dark circles or the one sun spot that I have. It does work as a great highlighter though!

Powder Blush (But I would definitely recommend a cream blush instead!)

BIG MISTAKE! I dropped the powder blush on the hard tile bathroom floor in Paris our first week into our month long adventure (I must have had buttery fingers from all the croissants we were eating in Paris!) It was a shattered mess of blush crumbs that got everywhere! I looked for a good replacement at stores, but I’m so picky about the color that I just decided to keep using it. I did get it a little wet with water and pat the blush particles down to dry solid again. It worked alright but was still messy and never the same. Also I was sweating it off constantly throughout the day! I would definitely look at bringing cream or liquid blush next time instead.

I have been using this one a ton from Juice Beauty! When I did my review of the product in my February IPSY bag, I was not very impressed, but man has it been a lifesaver this summer when my face keeps melting off! I change my mind. I like it quite a bit!

Setting Powder

Ok so I read a tip about this a long time ago, and I just haven’t quit because it works for me. I use cornstarch as my setting powder for my makeup! You may think I’m crazy, and I might just be… I’m sure there are other better powders out there, but this has been a cheap effective way to set my makeup and control shine. Like I said, I have been doing this for years! I put a small amount in this twist top container that I picked up at Target. Worked great!

If you have a  favorite setting powder you’ve been using, leave me a comment below!

Eye shadow (2 colors)

So after doing some research, I concluded I did not need to bring all of my eye shadow, just two colors! I love the Loreal Infallible eye shadows so much! Eternal Sunshine has been one of my favorites for years. I decided to pick up another darker brown color for the crease of my eye to add dimension, and it worked great! I grabbed Bronzed Taupe. Just pick two colors you love and can blend together, and there you have it! No need to bring the whole bar of eye shadow colors….

Eye Liner

I brought this one from SeneGence called Shadowsense. I just used the tip of the wand to fill in the spaces between my lashes. Nothing too fancy! It’s also waterproof so that was a huge plus for me! If you are looking for somewhere to purchase SeneGence products let me know! You can only purchase through a distributor, and I happen to know a couple of great ones!

Another liner I love is the Stila Smudge Stick liners. 

Waterproof Mascara

Another SeneGence product called LashSense. I am in love with this mascara! It is waterproof, and a deep black color, and the wand is amazing at splaying the lashes and not clumping them together. My one and ONLY beef with this product is that it gets messy on the container because the product gets scraped off when you re-insert the wand into the bottle. Does that make sense? Just a little annoying but definitely not a deal breaker! I have hooded/deep-set eyes, and this is the only waterproof mascara I have found so far that does not transfer onto my eyelid.

I’ve heard the Too Faced Better Thank Sex Waterproof Mascara is pretty great too if your looking for another great option…

Brow Pencil

I am in love with the Benefit cosmetics Precisely, My Brow pencil!!!!! I tried the Anastasia pro wiz pencil and didn’t like it nearly as much as this one. The staying power of the Benefit pencil is way better for me!

I ran out of the pencil recently, and picked up Benefits Ka-Brow! Cream-gel Eyebrow Color, and I have to say I’m impressed….

LipSense (I wouldn’t bring this again)

I didn’t use this but once. Wish I hadn’t brought it, but if you are looking for lipstick that stays on for a long time then this might be a great product for you!!! If you do want lip color on your trip, I would instead suggest a tinted balm. I’ve heard that the Sugar Lips Tinted Lip Treatment is amazing! Have you tried it?

Vaseline for Lips

I used this Vaseline Lip Therapy a TON! In Europe water can be scarce, pricey, or bubbly (I didn’t really like carbonated water). We were dehydrated! This Vaseline tube was small and perfect for when my lips felt extra dry and chapped. I honestly think I used it every day which is probably also why I didn’t use LipSense as much because it breaks down the bonds and makes the color peel off! In my opinion it was just more convenient than carrying around the glossy and reapplying throughout the day. I don’t know….maybe I’m lazy?

Eye makeup remover (Didn’t need)

I got this Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover in one of my product boxes. Worked really well, but when I was tired I found that my makeup wipes took off my mascara just as well, so I hardly used it!


I brought this fluffy Powder Brush from ELF, a brush for my powder blush from ELF (not needed if you bring cream blush!), my Makeup Sponge, and two small brushes for eye makeup application from Eco tools. Be sure to bring a small thing of brush cleaner if gone for too long! I didn’t and I really regretted it toward the end of my travels.

Now, that looks like a long list of products, but it actually was not that much! Not to mention a lot of them were sample sizes….

I definitely could’ve gone without the eye makeup remover, the Lipsense, and brought a cream blush instead of powder. I also brought two Mascara tubes, and two eyebrow pencils (I just need to get my dang brows microbladed!), and I didn’t use either of those. If I had run out of anything, it would’ve been super easy to pick a replacement up at a beauty store.

What would have made my makeup packing for europe even more compact is if I had brought a customized pallet with my favorite bronzer, blush, highlighter, etc. Like the ones you can get from Maskcara Beauty. Has anyone tried this makeup? I’m waiting on some samples in the mail to see what all the hype is about.

What are your favorite makeup products for when you travel? Let me know in the comments below!

xo, Adri


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