Hey there! I’m Garrett, Adri’s other half and a strong advocate of us being a Red Vines family (if she ever tells you otherwise… don’t believe her.)

I’m originally from St. Louis (aka Baseball Heaven) but I’ve managed to live in a wide variety of places all across the states. We’re currently calling Oklahoma home as I finish up my Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture (Yeah, I’m a bit of a tree hugger…) and we look forward to whatever adventure awaits us when I’m done.

As for me, I’m the kinda guy that always needs to be working on something. I like designing, building, and creating whenever I can. That encompasses landscape design, woodworking, interior design, computer graphics, and anything else I can get my hands on. My constant need for a project can leave me daydreaming like a space cadet sometimes but Adri finds a way to put up with it. She is a great help when it comes to projects and she supports me in all my crazy endeavors.

I’ll be dropping in and writing some posts here and there on whatever I’m thinking about at the time. Most of my posts will probably involve some DIY project, a great book I’m reading, or something about life with my awesome wife. So, keep your eye out for things from me in the future and I’ll do my best to not put you to sleep!

Thanks for dropping in.