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Hey everyone! First of all, happy fall! I love this time of year because of the smells, the foods, and the crisp feeling to the air in the morning. It has just started cooling down (slightly!) where I live, but I am looking forward to bringing out more of my fall wardrobe!

Anyway, today I am talking about homemade hair masks for dry, frizzy hair. As cold weather is approaching, and because this has been a life saver for me, I wanted to share with you my weapon for healthy hair: KITCHEN INGREDIENTS!!!

I have very fine hair, but A LOT of it! (I had that problem where I could wrap my hair tie around my pony tail only twice, but I really needed it to go around 3 times… rough childhood. :)). My head full of hair, however, tends to be dry and have a mind of its own.

ALSO, I had a really bad dye job done a couple of summers ago (over processed blonde hair-yikes!). At the end of my appointment I remember running my fingers through my hair and feeling the blood drain from my face. My hair felt like straw! I cried a little…

I am stubborn, and wouldn’t accept that there was no way to fix my hair. I did a lot of research on hair masks, and the best ones to moisturize my hair. I didn’t want to do anything too expensive (I had just paid a ton of money to kill my hair) so I opted for homemade hair masks! I had done these before so I was more comfortable trying them out again.

Instead of the occasional hair mask, I decided that I would do a deep conditioning treatment twice a week. (Basically every time I needed to wash my hair.) I started out with consistent coconut oil treatments, and would sometimes throw in a mayo or egg hair masks. (I was willing to try anything!)

You guys….THIS DID WONDERS!!! After a couple of weeks my hair was noticeably healthier than before and has continued to stay that way. I also noticed that the humidity did not make me look like I had a lions mane anymore. I have continued to do treatments at least once a week, and I get compliments all the time on how pretty and nice my hair looks.

So, if you are struggling with a bad dye job, frizzy, dull, or unmanageable hair, try deep conditioning it using hair masks from the kitchen! What do you have to lose? 🙂

Kitchen ingredients I use:

Coconut Oil– My go-to hair mask item. It is good for moisture, shine, and helps prevent breakage! I scoop a spoonful or two in a bowl, and heat it in the microwave, or just warm it up in my hands, and apply! Occasionally I will add a bit of honey to the mix (great for shine!) …it depends on how I’m feeling. 🙂


Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)– Great for shiny, soft hair and locking in the moisture. This one is a more intense moisturizer (for my hair), so I use this about once a month, otherwise I have oily hair. I heat a little bit up in the microwave and then apply.


Mayonnaise– AMAZING MASK! It is smelly while conditioning, but I have had no problem washing the smell out. I use this one a couple times a month because it makes my hair super shiny, soft, and less frizzy. I know, it smells gross! But. It. Works. I simply put a couple spoonfuls in a bowl and then slather it on!


Egg & EVOO– G especially does not like this one. Egg is good for shine and strengthens the hair shaft. I add a small amount of EVOO to it, mix it together, and apply! It’s kinda weird putting egg in your hair… but it works great!

Avocado– This is not one I use much of any more simply because I’m addicted to guacamole, and would much rather eat the avocado. It is supposed to be good for shine, moisture and promoting strong healthy hair!


I know some of these sound far fetched, and just plain gross. But BELIEVE ME! I would not do this if I didn’t see results. You WILL get weird looks from your family and friends…and the occasional “what the heck are you doing?” Just don’t care what they say, and flaunt your newly moisturized and healthy locks in their face when you are done. 🙂

Here is an explanation of how I deep condition my hair. I will be using coconut oil for this example. I told you…its my go-to.

(***Disclaimer: this is something I have been doing for years, so I have found what is right for me and my hair. This does’t mean that what I do is exactly right for you. Test it out!)

First, brush through your hair. I brush all my shedding hairs out for easier application of the mask. I like to use a large comb to brush out my hair.


Next apply mask (starting at the ends). I warm up a small amount of coconut oil in my hands by rubbing them together, and then apply it to my hair starting from the ends and working my way up to the scalp.


Then, give yourself a head massage! Once you have got a good amount of coconut oil in your hair, use the tips of your fingers and give yourself a massage! This not only feels good, but happy scalp=healthy hair. Annnnd this stimulates hair growth!


Pull your hair up in a loose bun or ponytail. I generally don’t cover up my hair, but you can if you want to contain the smell or get some heat action from your scalp! Use a shower cap or a plastic bag to do this.


Leave in for a min of 30 minutes. Go read a book, do some laundry…whatever floats your boat.

Wash it out. When the time is up I go ahead and do my normal shower routine, taking extra care to make sure that my scalp and hair are clean and not oily. I don’t like when my hair is super oily…

Dry yo’ hairs. I air dry my hair (sometimes overnight) and then style it as normal!



Once again, I have found what is right for my hair, but that does not necessarily mean it will work for yours. Play around with it, and get to know what your hair likes and doesn’t like! Homemade hair masks are a good, reliable, and cheap way to keep those locks looking their best.

I haven’t really tried any store bought hair masks, but if you have one you would die without I would love to hear about it! Same goes for kitchen ingredients. Also, let me know if you have questions or have tried one of these and loved it!

Thanks for stopping in and don’t forget to subscribe to the email list!


xo, adri

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Okay, so we may or may not have made fun of you a time or two as we’ve watched you put kitchen ingredients in your hair but I have to say it always looks pretty!


Girl, this is good stuff!


Thanks Jessi!

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