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Hey Ladies! First of all WELCOME to my blog! Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you stay a while. I would love to be friends!

So this summer my super cute sissy-in-law was wearing an adorable striped T-shirt dress, and I HAD TO KNOW where it was from so I could snag one for myself (I’m a wannabe casual dress wearer). I asked her about where this awesome dress was from and was excited to find out that it was from Target! THEN I was even more surprised to find out that it was a maternity dress (the fabric is so streeeeetchy)!


Casual striped T-shirt dress look by adding a chambray shirt tied around the waist.

The next time I went to Target (I love that store…) I grabbed this black and white striped maternity T-shirt dress. It fit great, the fabric is stretchy and soft to touch, it seems to be decent quality, and it has a good length! I was hooked.

The reaaaally funny part is that the next Sunday I decided to wear my wonderful dress, and lo and behold my best friend was wearing THE EXACT SAME DRESS AS ME! Like we were super matchy matchy… (It’s funny that we both bought the dress because neither of us are pregnant! :))

This T-shirt dress is perfect for the looking good on-the-go casual look, and can be dressed up for a date night out as well! It has a cute loose fit, and is great when you are needing to move, like when chasing kids around I imagine… but I wouldn’t know about that. I only know that I can dance around in it just fine…. 🙂


(You can make this look more casual by replacing the chunky necklace with a simple pendant necklace and wear sandals instead!)

Striped T-shirt dress with a chambray shirt tied around the waist. Complete with a chunky necklack and some cute Target wedges.


(Or add a cute colored cardigan to brighten up the look!)



Anyway, I LOVE THIS DRESS, and I think you will too. I am so excited that I can “grow into it…” (hehe) when we start having kids one day.  

Have any of you come across some great casual dress finds? Or found other ways to be super comfy while looking classy? Feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section, I’d love to hear from you!

Much love!

T-shirt dress outfit details:

Dress: Maternity Striped T-Shirt Dress
Shoes: Women’s Terri Booties
Denim Shirt: Women’s Denim Popover Favorite Shirt

xo, adri

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I love all your different looks with this dress. And you shopped frugally too-way to go Adri!!!


Thank you!! 🙂


So cute!! Love your blog already!


Thanks Lorelle! 🙂

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