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Do you ever feel like you’re being drug through the mud behind a jeep that is off-roading? Like you are all bumped and bruised, but the jeep just wont slow down and there is no foreseeable stopping in its future? How do you catch up? How do you get back into the jeep? This is how I have felt a lot lately. Like life has piled so many responsibilities on me, and I just can’t seem to “get back IN the jeep” instead of being drug along behind it. Are you feeling the same? Well I think I’ve found the secret: TIME MANAGEMENT!

Managing your time more efficiently will help you get back into the jeep that is life (not sure why I chose this metaphor haha…), and it will help you be able to patch yourself up and continue on! Maybe even get ahead!

It has recently come to my knowledge that I am apparently the worst with time management (haha thanks hubby…) Although he said it jokingly, it really hit me that if I want to be successful in life, I need to get a handle on this! So I have been working to implement these strategies, and although I am far from perfect, they have been helping.

Time management is the key.

Remember that time management is an ongoing learning experience. Knowing how to remaster time management each time life changes is the key to success.

Here are a few basic ways to be better at time management during any phase in your life.

1. Plan out your day

In the morning try to wake up 10 minutes earlier so you can plan out your day. Not a morning person? Do it the evening before bed instead! Just be sure to plan your day out to a “T”. Schedule out your lunch, dinner, breaks, errands…. What time you are going to start each item…

Your plans may not go according to schedule all the time (life likes to throw us curve balls), but just having it down on paper and KNOWING what you are going to do next helps you actually be able to achieve it! Just remember to be flexible and forgiving of yourself. As I plan out my day I make sure I list which items are the most important to complete, and focus on them until they are finished. This has helped me so much!

Maybe start a bullet journal! I’ve never actually tried this, but you can learn more about it in the link provided.

2. Limit your time on social media

For me I have found that social media is a HUGE time waster! I have to be on social media for my businesses, but I can get caught in the snare of surfing through feeds and getting distracted easily.

So, when you are looking to be productive turn your phone on airplane mode. This way when somebody calls, texts, comments on your post on Instagram….you wont be tempted to check it out! If you can’t/ don’t want to do that, try some time tracking apps instead. Or set a timer for how long you are going to work without looking at your phone. Those messages will still be there after, I promise!

If email is distracting to you, don’t open your email while you are trying to be productive! Just keep youself and whatever you are working on in a small little bubble of no distractions.

3. Get enough sleep and exercise

Isn’t it funny how good sleep and frequent exercise are the answers to so many of our problems?! Good sleep will help you manage your time better because you will be better able to think more clearly! You wont be so sluggish and slow, wasting precious moments of time from your day.

Everybody needs different amounts of sleep to be able to function, for me it is about 7.5 hours. Work out what’s right for you, and make sure you stick to a schedule.

Exercise also helps your mind and body to wake up, setting up the perfect pathway to productivity especially when done in the morning. Check out this quick 25 minute HIIT workout for busy people that I created!

4. Cut out things that are less important.

We all have a million things on our to-do list right? Most of these things are not bad things to do, but is there something that is better, or best that needs my attention more?

A key aspect of time management is learning when to cut out good things for better or more important tasks that need doing. For example, maybe you are invited to have a barbecue at the park with some friends, but you have some projects that have needed to get done for a month so you can stop stressing about them. Although hanging out with friends is important, the better thing is to work on those things that are stressors so you can eliminate that negativity from your life.

That being said, sometimes we get so busy in life that we forget to socialize with others (I’m there right now!). You know YOU best. You know your intentions behind things. And if we are too busy to take time to have fun and get out, then you need to reevaluate some things as well.

It’s all about balance.

So, when life is dragging you along and you can’t seem to get a handle on it, get back in the jeep by practicing some better time management! Schedule out your day. Get enough sleep and exercise regularly. Social media and email can be huge time wasters, limit your time on them. And learn to cut out things that are less important than other tasks that need doing. Once you get time management figured out you will be more productive, and able to get a handle on life and all its craziness. And remember, time management is something everyone has to master many times in their lives. I’m learning to master it currently, but once we start having children I am sure I will have to reevaluate, and remaster it again! So keep trying, and don’t give up!

Here is a challenge for you…choose one of the things I listed to help you have better time management, and work on it this week! I’d love to hear what you choose to work on in the comments below!

xo, Adri

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