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Hey friends,

It has been a LONG time since I’ve been on here. I believe the last thing I posted was about our move to sunny SoCal. So much has happened since then, including Garrett and I finding out we were expecting in September of last year! Baby boy due June 2020!

Fast forward to now. Never EVER in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined that I would be eight months pregnant during a global pandemic. COVID-19 has robbed so many of peace and basic freedoms.

Personally, I have struggled with the unknown and uncertainty of bringing a new little baby into the world at this time. New information about the virus is learned daily, and hospital policies are also changing (in some they wont allow a support person in L&D with you). Garrett and I are trying to be EXTRA careful to limit exposure because I need him in L&D with me. And we definitely don’t want to be quarantined away from our sweet little baby.

I’ve also felt the grief of not having a “normal” pregnancy experience. I was so sad when my baby shower was cancelled like so many other pregnant women at this time.

My sweet husband, awesome cousin, and wonderful step-mom really stepped it up and threw a Virtual Baby Shower for me. (They were actually already planning on doing it before the craziness started so friends and family from far away could join as we move so much).

I know a lot of other expecting Mommas are not going to have the in person baby showers for a while, so I wanted to share how we did mine for ideas and inspiration. If you have any questions, leave me a comment below!

Tips on throwing a Virtual Baby Shower

1. Wear something nice!

Put away the sweats, and get ready as if this were a real life baby shower party!

I got this dress originally for my in person baby shower, but it came in so handy for the Virtual Baby Shower. Getting ready made it feel like an event, I felt good about myself and my bump, and it was fun to actually look nice.

*** Thank you PinkBlush for gifting me this baby shower dress. It is amazing quality, the color is beautiful, and pricing is decent. Check out their maternity dresses if you’re expecting too! (And if your not, they have some really cute non maternity clothes too).

2. Choose a host and a platform to host the shower on.

Just as it is tacky to host your own baby shower IRL, it can be tacky to host your own Virtual baby shower. Ask someone close to you to be your virtual baby shower host.

I was lucky that my sweet step-mom and cousin offered to “host” mine. It was a team effort. Garrett, my hubs, created the group and sent out invites to my friends from across the country. Then my cousin took over with the games and posts, and my step-mom helped with the backdrop and day of planning. I feel so blessed!

We hosted my virtual baby shower in a Facebook group.

Not all of my friends and family are on Facebook, but the majority of them are. It was also the easiest platform to do a live on the day of the baby shower (and now you can even do a room like ZOOM).

I also liked that through Facebook we could set the group to private, because I didn’t want to invite just anyone and everyone! Only those who wanted to be there, and only people I or my family had a close acquaintance with.

Have your host introduce themselves to the group!

There are other platforms you can host on such as Instagram, Zoom, and even sites dedicated to virtual baby showers like webbabyshower.

3. Pick a theme!

Your theme doesn’t have to be extravagant. It could be as simple as a color scheme or even nothing at all!

We tried to stick with a woodland theme: greenery, cute little woodland animals, etc.

My step-mom made me the best backdrop for the virtual party live- while social distancing of course. Isn’t it so cute?

4. Build up some hype and give people time to send gifts!

We started the group about 4 weeks ahead of the actual baby shower date so that we could build up some hype, and get info out to “guests” such as the registry and address to send gifts to.

Amazon and USPS shipping times were a mess due to COVID-19, so we wanted to make sure we would get some gifts before the baby shower date. We just had all gifts sent to our home, and my husband would shuttle them to our second bedroom where they awaited the baby shower day.

During the month my host would post a game about once a week to keep people interactive, but not annoy them.

The week of the baby shower she bumped up that posting, and then the day of the shower we did a Facebook live.

I was very worried it would feel tacky to invite a bunch of people and then post a registry link. We didn’t want it to come off as “buy us presents” and tried really hard to make it clear that we wanted people there even if they didn’t get us a gift.

*** It should be noted though that the gifts were a HUGE blessing for us during this time. Garrett and I are self employed with our new baby business that we started in October of last year, and it was significantly impacted by the Coronavirus. It took a lot of financial pressure off of us to prepare for baby, and we are SO incredibly grateful.

5. Think of some games or activities to post during the month and do on the day of!

Like I said before, leading up to the date, my baby shower host would post a weekly game or interactive post in the group.

Some of these included: a host intro, baby items ABC’s, “how much did your babies weigh?”, “how do you know the mama to be?”, etc.

On the day of the live, we really didn’t want everyone to be bored watching me open gifts, so we tried to make it fun!

My husband got involved, which was great because not only is he socially isolated with me, but it made it way more fun to have him there and interacting! He was also a huge help in reading comments and keeping me up to date on who had joined the party.

During the live we played a couple of games!

It started with a little Q&A, and then we did Baby Shower Bingo! My cousin posted a blank Bingo card to the Facebook group a couple of days before the live, and asked the guests to print their own and fill the spaces in with gifts they thought the we would receive. This is what they looked like!

Virtual Baby Shower- PinkBlush Maternity Dress

When someone got five in a row, they typed BINGO into the chat box, and the first 3 bingo’s won a small baby shower prize (Amazon gift card- you don’t need to do anything fancy).

We also did a measure the bump game and the person to guess the closest also won a small prize.

6. Keep the live short. Nobody wants to watch you open up presents for hours.

We tried to keep ours at about 45 minutes. That included a 10 min Q&A followed by a 25 minute present opening/BINGO game, and a 10 minute measure the bump game. That was it!

7. Have fun and write thank you notes!

You need to be the energy of the party on a live, otherwise it can be boring. Try to keep the mood light and fun. Sound daunting? Bring in your significant other to help and PLAN games/activities.

Then, when all is said and done, don’t forget to write thank you notes just as you would an in person baby shower. I got some off of Amazon, and they were so cute!

And that’s all the tips I have!

If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments below, or head on over to my Instagram and ask me there!

I just want to briefly say that I am SO grateful for wonderful people in my life who look out for me, and have tried to make this pregnancy extra special. Garrett, baby and I feel so blessed and loved. And the baby shower was so fun because I had friends and family across the world able to join in celebrating our baby BOY!

Virtual Baby Shower- PinkBlush Maternity Dress

Good luck Mama! We will get through this, and one day look back on being pregnant during a global pandemic and know we can make it through anything.

  xo, adri

P.s. Want a beautiful hairstyle to wear during your virtual baby shower? Try this Dutch Braid Ponytail on for size!

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